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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the policy but wants it changed through an act of congress. justice delayed is not necessarily justice denied in this case. but it is justice delayed. it's time to end "don't ask, don't tell" now. this unjust policy has gone on far too long in america. countries around the world allow gay troops to serve openly and just because a policy has been deemed constitutional in the past doesn't actually mean it's good policy and it certainly doesn't mean it's right. imagine if "don't ask, don't tell" was in effect in your workplace, it would be illegal. what kind of environment would that be and what kind of precedent would it set? would any organization, and they can't legally, tell its employees to don't ask, don't tell about ethnicity, about religion, about political issues? gay men and women have a right to fight. let's give them the right to be who they are. the big story today, an
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unarmed man and his dog shot by phoenix police. an officer there, an outraged community protests for more than a week now. listen. >> we want justice! we want justice! >> the officer has just been indicted on second-degree murder and animal cruelty charges. but the protesters and the unarmed man's mother, they want more. in just a moment, i'll talk to one of the protest leaders and to the officer's attorney. here's how the shooting went down. a domestic disturbance call brought police to the home of this man. his name is danny frank rodriguez. he had been arguing with his mother. she was afraid that he might hurt her and hoped police could calm him down. the details i'm about to give you are outlined in some court documents. phoenix police officer richard chrisman and his partner responded to the call. rodriguez told them to show a warrant or leave.
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officer chrisman allegedly put his gun to rodriguez's head. told him he didn't need a warrant and ordered him out of the house. rodriguez struggled with the police officer. officer chrisman allegedly used a stun gun and pepper spray to try to restrain the man. and then shot his pit bull. rodriguez tried to leave on his bicycle but the struggle continues. officer chrisman allegedly pulled his gun again and fired. and remember, rodriguez did not have a weapon. can you imagine, the mother heard it all. >> he's my son. i love my son. it's wrong. what happened was wrong. first i heard two shots and then paused and then we heard two shots. they just told me they killed him. >> officer chrisman was originally charged with aggravated assault. he was arrested then released on $150,000 bond. rodriguez's mother wants him behind bars again.
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>> i'm very disappointed that officer chrisman has not been re-arrested based on new charges against him. i urge the county attorney to reconsider this decision and please re-arrest officer chrisman frlt second-degree murder charges. >> let's talk about this and discuss it. this is officer chrisman's lawyer. he says the shooting of danny rodriguez was justified. and carlos galendo is also with us. tefen officer's partner says the man didn't pose a threat. how is this justified? the. >> officer's partner has given several stories. he stayed outside the trailer while my client was inside trying to take care of the
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situation. mr. partner, mr. vallejo, used his taser and tasered the suspect. if he wasn't a threat, why did officer vallejo taser him? >> but his partner -- won't his partner's testimony be damaging? again, as i said, he was unarmed at the time. and the partner has said on record in the documents that he did not pose a threat at the time. is this not damaging to your client? >> absolutely. if you listen to just that officer's testimony, you would come to that conclusion. it's unfortunate the police and the county attorney didn't wish to listen to my client's side of the story. we made it available to them and they didn't even return my -- i wrote them a letter and asked them, let's meet with you and they said -- they didn't say anything. >> okay. here's what the police officer is saying, they're saying that we make decisions based on the facts of the investigation, not rumors, not people being upset. we base them on facts.
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that's phoenix police chief jack harris. he said that at a press conference announcing murder charges against officer richard chrisman. he said just the facts. what is your -- if you believe, again, as you say -- and you wouldn't be representing him -- that this officer is wrongly accused, what is his version of the story? >> his version of the story is that this man was absolutely a threat and that he came at him with a weapon. he didn't try to leave the trailer. he was inside the trailer with a bicycle. he didn't try to leave the trailer on his bicycle. i don't know where officer vallejo came up with that fairy tale but it's ridiculous. >> you informed the mother of the charges and you have put this in the spotlight. are you satisfied with the more serious charges now? >> absolutely. i think they were merited. i think the facts speak for themselves. and the idea was here to make
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sure that the phoenix police department conducted the proper investigation, provided said investigation to the county attorney so he could file the appropriate charges in this case. and not only did we obtain appropriate charges, we obtained a complete change in policy and procedure on how the phoenix police handles south phoenix and certain areas that are primarily indigent and minority in phoenix. >> are you saying this is a pattern with the police department? >> we have seen investigations that are lacking from the phoenix police department in the past. we have had many complaints. i've had many individual citizens complain to me about shoddy police work. i really feel there's a change in the phoenix police department. i feel that chief jack harris will do what's wrong, that the mayor and vice mayor of phoenix will start moving to heal the community and have a better relationship. i'm confident of that.
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>> they're not here to defend the charges or to say what you're saying how the department is improving but the police chief is saying, they're doing what they do based on facts. i want to ask something else that may be damaging to your client. officer chrisman had been in trouble for -- and we have the video -- for saying he helped to plant a crack pipe on a woman during a 2005 arrest. there's the video right there. you can see it -- you can see him handing the one police officer -- there it is -- handing the crack pipe, putting it on the woman. he has said that it was a joke because she wasn't arrested for any type of drug charge. she was arrested for an outstanding warrant. but come on. >> all of these officers were disciplined for this incident as they should have been. this happened some years ago. it was inappropriate behavior but it has nothing to do with this charge. >> but doesn't it go to judgment of a police officer? >> we've all used bad judgment,
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don. i know i have a lot. of course it goes to his judgment on that situation. but it has nothing to do with this situation. they're two totally different things. because of this, he was put on a list. there's over 200 phoenix police officers who have been placed on this list. the head of internal affairs, the commander of internal affairs at phoenix police department is on the same list as my client for this sort of conduct. the prosecutor's office looked at this several years ago and did nothing about it. they concluded there was nothing about it. they have used my client as a witness in other cases. it hasn't been a problem until now when they want to make something out of it. >> back to mr. galindo, you informed the mother of the upgraded charges. we spoke to her for a little bit today. she is distraught, i think there are services for her son today. how is she doing? >> she is torn up. she does want a re-arrest of officer chrisman. if it was you or i or any other
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american citizen, we would be arrested and put in jail with the appropriate bond. we're disappointed the appropriate bond has not been affixed here by the county attorney. however, we are happy that the county attorney did step up to the plate and do what was right and charge him with the correct crime. >> carlos galindo, craig mehrens, thank you. >> thank you, sir. what did bill o'reilly say to cause two members of "the view" walk off set. we'll show you what led up to the anger. and remember that nor'easter that we warned you about yesterday? it's pounded several states and it's not done yet. we'll tell you where it's headed now and who should be making alternative plans for flights and on the road. [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you
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don't say that we didn't warn you because that low pressure system affecting the mid-atlantic yesterday has become a nor'easter. bonnie schneider here with me to break down what this means. there are flood warnings in effect in some areas. not over yet. >> not at all. even when the rain stops, we still have to worry about the wind. that is going to be a very serious situation that could create danger and problems for people from the mid-atlantic all the way to northern new england. let's show you what's happening right now. as we zoom into the radar, you'll see we have rain hammering parts of maine. look what's happening in upstate new york and into northern vermont. you can see the bursts of pink and white ant radar picture. i know it's october, but we have 8 inches of snow on the ground
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in killington, vermont. temperatures have been holding around 32 degrees. at the higher elevations, this nor'easter is definitely bringing some wintry weather. certainly across cities like boston, new york, seeing rain only with the system. but we are seeing heavy bands of rain and strong gusts of wind as the nor'easter works its way to the north and iso. i want to show you a live picture of what it looks like in new york city. it looks pretty good. we don't have too much of a concern in terms of the rain fall from this point forward. but we are looking at areas of the city and certainly in the surrounding area still under a wind advisory for very rough wind as we go through much of the afternoon hours into the overnight hours even. the heaviest rain is in northern maine working into canada. bands of rain wrapping around the system. back into areas towards rhode
3:14 pm
island and certainly towards long island to the south in new york. here's the wind advisoryings. these wind advisoriesgoing go into saturday. some don't end until 8:00 in the morning. so we are going to see strong wind with gust up to 50 miles per hour. and we can't rule out a gust even higher than that. this is important to note. if you haven done this already, go outside to your backyard, bring everything in that's loose because debris can get picked up with a gust of wind and can cause damage. might as well avoid it if you can. it's a good time to get everything together and batten down the hatches. take a closer look at what we are expecting for the rest of the day. stormy conditions in new england. a lot of congestion in the northeast, no doubt about it. over 6,000 planes in the u.s. how does it break down the air delays? they are enormous. almost two-hour delays at new york's laguardia airport. newark, not too far behind. washington and philadelphia also
3:15 pm
reporting lengthy airport delays. of all days on a friday, this nor'easter causing a lot of trouble for people. >> a lot of people watching us in the airport. so hang in there and watch cnn. don't go to the food court. watch cnn. thank you very much, bonnie schneider. this next weather has to do with the airlines. the question is, have the airlines gone too far? coming up, we'll tell you about one airline that allegedly rejected a passenger saying he was too disabled to fly alone. and the senate's most powerful man took on his inexperienced republican challenger during a debate and she was really ready with some jabs, including a call for him, to, quote, she said it, man up, harry reid. jessica yellin next with the debate fallout. make sure you stay with us. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ another day ♪ another dollar ♪ daylight comes [ dogs barking ] ♪ i'm on my way
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who would have thought just by looking at it? did you know that once upon a time, mild-mannered harry reid, now senate majority leader, was an amateur boxer? this is the main event, and it is this fall. reid's reelection race against republican insurgent sharron angle. it's their one and only debate last night. the word we're hearing is no one really land add knockout blow. our jessica yellin was there and joins us today from los angeles. i want you to score it for us. vegas is a pretty happening place. i think i heard you characterize it earlier as the dullest thing that happened in vegas last night. >> reporter: that was my i guess. i think that was the dullest thing in town.
3:19 pm
this is the most ferocious campaign of the season. it's the marquee race, probably the nastiest on both sides i've seen in a long time. and astonishingly the debate was dullsville. harry reid is known to be wonky, awkward and dull sometimes and he scored all three pretty much last night. opt other side, sharron angle, the republican insurgent, she was able to be an agre sor but she really seemed to lose ourself in the middle of her own sentences. this is a neck-and-neck race to topple the chief democrat in the senate. one poll shows harry reid up by three. the other shows her up by two. a lot of votes are going to a candidate called "none of the above" because voters are so dissatisfied there. i want to give you a little taste of what happened last night. this is the back and forth they've been having or social
3:20 pm
security. the bottom line is she's said she wanted to privatize it and phase it out. they go back and forth on this. listen to how wonky he gets and how she comes back at him. >> social security is a promise we have to keep. it takes care of seniors in their golden years. that's why i've worked so hard to protect social security. i feel so strongly about this that i took on the president of the united states when he tried to privatize it and we won that battle. social security is an important program. the actuarials at social security and also the cbo has said within the past month that social security will pay out 100% of its benefits for the next 35 to 40 years. that's important. >> man up, harry reid. you need to understand that we have a problem with social security. that problem was created because of government taking that money out of the social security trust fund.
3:21 pm
in 1990, you said it was stealing to use social security for anything but social security. then you voted to take that social security money into the general fund where it could be generally used for generally anything. >> the only thing that would better if she said, man up, reid. that was a good one. >> reporter: we were all getting glassy-eyed whand then she said that. >> you moved on to california. tonight a familiar face will be out there campaigning for democrats. do you recognize this guy? >> all these guys running against the democrats act like, well, they got a new president on january 21st, 2009, why couldn't they stop a train going downhill at 900 miles an hour in 34 seconds? so it's like these guys are saying, okay, we coached america
3:22 pm
to several seasons where we were 2-9. this team, they hadn't won the national championship yet. they're only about 7-5. so let's throw them out and put the 2-9 coaches back in and let them call the same plays all over again. they're playing you. >> okay, so you don't even have to see him. you recognize the voice. it seems like bill clinton, though, is everywhere these days, campaigning for democrats. is he supposed to be the secret weapon here? >> reporter: he really has been enormously effective for democrat this is season. i saw him, i think it was wednesday night in vegas. i'm in l.a. today. between the time i went from vegas to l.a., he has been to arkansas, across the south, to the southland of l.a. and coming back up north to where i am. he is on a nonstop tear and he is in, a way, the most desirable get on the campaign trail for democrats because he's able to sell the message right now. >> him, the president has been
3:23 pm
out there. you see the first lady out there. they're pulling out the big guns here, the most popular and probably the most high-profile democrats, so to speak. listen, i want to get back to something. someone on twitter said something i want to ask you about. i think you can deal with it. someone says, why is that woman angle -- why can she tell a male to man up. but if a man says something like that, it is deemed as sexist? did you think that was a sexist remark if it had been reversed. >> reporter: i thought it was noteworthy. jane norton was running in colorado during the primary against a man named ken buck and she told him he should be man enough to admit who's sponsoring third-party ads. so man enough, man up, increasingly women candidates are challenging the manhood of the men they're running against. but you have jerry brown and the whore comment here in california. there is a gender theme running through politics.
3:24 pm
maybe sexism on both sides. >> you said the word, too. thank you. >> >> reporter: sexism. >> appreciate it, thanks, jessica. there's never a good time to plow your car into the department of motor vehicles, is it? never a good time. but there's really, really one bad time. you have to see what happened during this epic fail. i was really angry. i saw o'reilly, i thought he was saying something that i construe as hate speech. >> that was joe behar on her show last night. what did bill o'reilly say that upset joy so much that she stormed off the set of "the view"? pancakes! ♪ from dawn 'til sunset, i'll never walk away ♪ ♪ blueberry pancakes are so good ♪ [ male announcer ] bisquick. pancake lovers unite.
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you've probably seen some of it but not as much as we're going to show you of bill o'reilly's rather explosive visit to "the view" yesterday. he was discussing president obama's popularity problems with barbara walters and company when he abruptly turned the conversation to the controversial cultural and islamic center near ground zero. we want you to hear what o'reilly said just before the screaming began. o'reilly referred to an august cnn poll showing nearly 70% of americans oppose the islamic center near ground zero. that opposition, o'reilly said on "the view," puts the american people at odds with the president. take a look now at that discussion. >> 70% of americans don't want that mosque down there. so don't give me the "we" business. >> i want to see that poll. >> you want to bet on that. i'll show you that poll in a minute.
3:28 pm
>> americans don't want it down there. >> why are we saying -- >> it's inappropriate. >> why is it inappropriate. >> they killed us on 9/11. >> no. oh, my god. >> muslims didn't kill us on 9/11? is that what you said. >> extremists did -- >> what religion was mr. mcveigh? mr. mcveigh was an extremist and he killed people -- >> i don't want to sit here now. i don't. i'm outraged by that statement. >> you're outraged about muslims killed us on 9/11? >> boy, that really upset me -- seriously. whoopi goldberg and joe behar came back after barbara walters calmed things down and o'reilly apologized saying it was muslim extremists who were responsible for the attacks. but that wasn't the end of it. o'reilly and behar do have primetime shows.
3:29 pm
first up, bill o'reilly last night. >> i'm not in the business of sugar-coating harsh reality. this program and my book state the truth as i see it. i enjoy jousting with "the view" ladies because with the exception of elisabeth hasselbeck, they don't see it my way and i want their audience to hear both sides. i loved that exposition today. didn't you? >> and you know joy speaks her mind. she didn't drop it last night either. here you go. >> today on "the view," bill o'reilly had a real pinhead moment. i was really angry. i thought o'reilly was saying something that i construe as hate speech. i'm joined by jesse ventura. it upsets me because i really think that to say muslims killed us on 9/11 is like -- you could say that about any group to lump an entire group like that -- >> jesse ventura, hang on to that. what a coincidence.
3:30 pm
the issue was dropped entirely on "the view" today. not one word about it. friday's shows are pretaped. so monday will be their first chance to take up the issue again. now back to jesse ventura, the former minnesota governor. i'm going to talk to him about this episode in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." stay tuned. yesterday we had an interesting conversation. live on the air with rapper t.i. he did a good deed on wednesday when he supposedly talked a man down off of a building who was threatening to jump and kill himself. today he is a defendant trying to convince a judge to keep him out of prison. that hearing is taking place right now. as soon as we know the judge's ruling, we're going to bring it to you. stay tuned. also, general david petraeus drops a bombshell about a significant change in the relationship with the taliban. details next. [ male announcer ] this is rachel, a busy mom.
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charges that he had engaged in insider trading. again, a fine-67.5 million, that is one of the largest individual fines ever agreed to with the s.e.c. also the chief operating officer and the chief financial officer also are settling their cases. this is highly significant. it actually -- if you look at the history, it affects all of us.
3:33 pm
why? because countrywide was in so much trouble, it sold itself to bank of america for $4 billion back in 2008. and of course, you recall that t.a.r.p. money, bank of america needed $45 billion to be bailed out. $45 billion of taxpayer money, and this countrywide acquisition, that's one reason they needed that bailout. don? >> $67.5 million. angelo mozilo is worth a lot of money. but that still has to hurt with as much as he is worth. thank you for that. >> that is a chunk of change and he could still face other lawsuits. >> thank you, alan. time for top stories here on cnn. we start in chile. at least ten more of the 33 rescued miners are expected to be released from the hospital today. three others went home yesterday to recuperate and celebrate with their families. despite being trapped 69 days below ground, doctors say only a few of the men needed medical treatment.
3:34 pm
barring any unexpected setbacks, the hospital expects the remaining miners to be sent home by sunday. there would appear to be a case for further action here with those words in a speech this morning. federal reverse chairman ben bernanke signaled the fed might make additional moves to jump-start the u.s. economy. the fed has kept the lending near 0% for almost two years now. and analysts saber nank words can pump more money into the company. how did wall street react? let's take a look at the big board. you see dow trading above 11,000. and minus 44. still have a few minutes. speaking at the british -- at a british think tank, general dividend petraeus touched on the current talks between the
3:35 pm
taliban and the afghan government. in fact, petraeus' comments confirmed what sources had been telling us, that nato-led forces have been guaranteeing safe passage for taliban commanders to attend the meetings. >> indeed in certain respects we do facilitate that given that, needless to say, it would not be the easiest of tasks for a senior taliban commander to enter afghanistan and make his way to kabul if isaf were not witting and aware of it and therefore allows it to take place. >> another top story right now, social security is something that affects all of us either now or later. but the government just made a big announcement that has many people worrying about their future. that's next.
3:36 pm
3:37 pm
♪ as he leads his team onto the field, you can see it. mark, number 96, is fierce. he's dedicated. he's a devoted team player. >> football is really my lifeblood, to be honest right now. >> reporter: few things have ever stood in this linebacker's way, not hi opponents on the football field and not even cancer. >> my whole left leg was completely white, meaning there was a tumor that surrounded my whole femur. >> reporter: it was during his junior year at boston college that he developed a pain in his leg that simply wouldn't go away. many doctor visits later, he was given a devastating diagnosis --
3:38 pm
a rare, often deadly form of bone cancer that strikes roughly 1 of every 600,000 people. >> i went from when am i playing football again to when am i going to start treatment, what are my treatments going to be and what's chemotherapy like? am i going to live? >> reporter: he started a rigorous treatment schedule. chemotherapy for two months and then additional radiation therapy visits. his motivation, always being to get healthy and to get back to playing football. >> i knew that if i got back on the field that i would come full circle. i would have beaten the cancer, i would have gotten my physical strength back, to be where i want to be and be happy doing the thing i love to do. >> reporter: that internal drive is what helped mark mount a triumphant return. now he's cancer-free. he's back to playing football this fall. and football fans, young and old, are celebrating with him.
3:39 pm
>> we love everything about mark up here in these stands. >> you can do incredible things as a human being. you can defy the odds. even if someone says you're not going to be able to make it, you can't do this or that, you can push yourself and have the will to get there. and i got there. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra?
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here's something a lot of you are talking about today, especially if you're one of the more than 58 million americans who receive -- first day with the new lips -- a social security check. it's also the reason that sandra endo is here. good to see you. if you receive social security payment, you got disappointing news today. this is the second year that monthly benefits -- it's not going to go up? >> yeah, it's the second year in
3:42 pm
a row, same news, which is really unfortunate. and it means there will be no bump in social security benefits. it's an unfortunate side effect of an otherwise pretty positive development, no inflation. but no cost-of-living increase for people on social security. and it means seniors across the country today are asking, what about us? >> we're the forgotten generation. and it's sad. it's really sad. >> reporter: senior jacqueline byers is in tears. for ten years, she's been relying on social security as her sole income. every month, she gets a $600 check and it's getting harder to make ends meet. >> everything's gone up except our checks. the groceries, gasoline, our gas inside the home, our electric bills. they are constantly -- and don't mention the water bill.
3:43 pm
everything has gotten sky high. >> reporter: so byers goes to the senior center so she can get a hot meal, socialize and she even sews her own clothes to cut down on cost. >> you can't find a suit for my size probably $160, lined suit. i can probably make one for less than $10. so, yeah, sewing helps a whole lot on our budget. >> reporter: and that budget will remain tight. for the second straight year based on a federal formula, there will be no increase in social security payments due to flat inflation rates. the social security administration says -- social security has no leeway to increase benefits if the inflation measurement doesn't call for it. still, the struggle is getting tougher for seniors. >> the things that we enjoyed when we were growing up, we can't afford to do it for our children now. >> reporter: for seniors like jacqueline byers, things aren't
3:44 pm
expected to improve any time soon. right now, nearly 59 million people receive social security or supplemental security income and last year, recipients got a $250 bonus as part of the economic recovery plan. this year, no bonus, no cost-of-living increase and seniors are unlikely to get one until january 2012. >> what this emphasizes year after year is how important social security is for older americans. and that cost of living adjustment every year is a critical component of helping them keep up with prices and keeping their heads above water. seniors have come to count on that money every month. >> it's my prayer that our officials and our government people would take the time and see what's going on with the seniors. they need to know that people care about them and they need to feel it. >> now, some lawmakers are trying to push for another bonus
3:45 pm
payment this year. but that won't be considered until after the november election. and the white house also released a statement today hoping another bonus payment be get passed. but it goes to show how big-ticket political issues have such a strong and profound effect on everyday people, in this case, tens of millions of seniors across the country. and social security came up in last night's big debate between senate candidates in nevada. democratic senator harry reid says the money is there. his opponent, sharron angle says, it's just too expensive. it is a divisive issue. >> do you know what the average social security check is? what is that? >> pretty much the average is about $1,100 a month. around $13,000 a year for a senior. but someone like jacqueline byers is only getting $600 a month. so her rent here in atlanta is $500 a month. >> cost of living goes up every
3:46 pm
single day, it seems, too. thank you, sandy. report the female reporter who said the new york jets made her feel uncomfortable in the locker room? that will be the last time she interviews football players there. what happened? who made that call? that's next. and you've got to see this. the smarter criminals use disguises. this suspect went into full camouflage mode and still got caught. details next.
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
remember how excited you were when you were about to get your driver's license? i couldn't sleep the night before. and then how excited once it happened.
3:50 pm
so you passed your driving test. you're home free, right? but wait, you've got to see this. a teenager just passed his road test was driving his tester back to the dmv and, boom! poor guy. he actually drives right through the glass window and doors of that building. apparently, though, the teen thought he put the car in park. thought he'd put the car in park. not so much. but it started to roll. and he slammed on the gas instead of the brakes. he's not being charged. everybody is okay. somebody's got to pay for that big ole mess there. see this -- police arrest the man in the woods wearing this -- looks like one of roger strauss' sweaters. it's a camouflage outfit. that moss fur thing is a full body suit used by police and military snipers. apparently, this guy's been sneaking around in these -- sneaking around a museum in hillsboro, oregon. get this, he was caught when the sheriff's dog sniffed the ground and then bit into him. it, being, the man's leg.
3:51 pm
could have been a whole lot worse, right, guys? he yelled out. they took him in to custody. and you've got to see this as well -- a baseball field. it's florida. that turns into a field of romance. the man rented out the field, made sure the lights were on and used ten gallons of turf paint to pop the question. you'll see it. he flew his gal up in the helicopter where he couldn't miss her proposal. so what did she say? did she say yes? take a look. >> she said with a loud gasp, yes! and speechless for the rest of the night. >> wow. i always wonder, what if they said no when they do that like on television. have you seen the people who propose -- what happened if they say no? how embarrassing. former governor jesse ventura said said the government is not telling you the whole truth, but he will. his take on 9/11, the jfk assassination, and the spat
3:52 pm
between joy behar, whoopi goldberg, and bill o'reilly. we'll be right back.
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
i use a little tweet deck here. let's go, as we say, to the twitder board. here's what you're saying about that -- thanks in advance for these. i understand the frustration of joy and whoopi, but walking offstage was the wrong way to handle it. you can't blame them. thanks, vanessa, for that. whoopi and joy embarrassed themselves by walking off like that. no one is on their side. thank you, one blond. o'reilly layed down the truth. the ladies that condone tolerance were intolerant of his statement. hypocrites. thank zombie for that one. see if i can do it. bill o'reilly used a pinhead and used the wrong words just to get a response from the ladies. bill o'reilly, a pinhead and not a patriot.
3:55 pm
what's the world coming to? thank you, we appreciate it. we're counting down here to this country to election day with the best political team on television. wolf blitzer is tracking today's developments. that's next.
3:56 pm
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dll11 50 t nowand k out yourris sister does twenty-four seven. 18 days until election day. time right now nor the latest campaign developments including the president and the vice president on the campaign trail. cnn has all of the latest political news with the best team on television. the best of the best is wolf blitzer. he's at the cnn political desk. what's crossing right now, mr. wolf? a lot is crossing. on the political ticker. any lingering thing. saying this about his vice presidential running mate his vice president formerly running mate joe biden. look at this. the single best decision that i've made with selecting joe biden as my running mate, the
3:58 pm
single best decision i made. i mean that. it's true. i guess he's trying to suggest that the rumors he would consider removing joe biden in the ticket, replacing joe biden with hillary clinton as his running mate in 2012, the president clearly has no such intention based on what he just said in delaware. he's out campaigning together with joe biden. and biden's home state of delaware for chris coons against christine o'donnell. you remember the uproar that followed the interview on "john king usa" replacing biden was on the table. the white house has fought hard to make sure it isn't on the table. today the president was very firm saying bide season the best decision he made. another issue crossing our ticker, sarah palin last night seemed to be going after the first lady, michelle obama. she said, i heard people say or have said in the campaign that they've never been proud of america, haven't they met anybody in uniform yet? it seemed like a pretty direct
3:59 pm
slap at the first lady of the united states who during the campaign in 2008 said something along the lines for the first time in my adult life, i'm really proud of my country because it feels like hope is making a comeback. conservatives pounced on that at the time michelle obama clarified what she meant to say for the first time in my lifetime, i see people rolling up their sleeves in a way that i haven't seen in really trying to figure this out. so i guess a lot of people are wondering why sarah palin last night seemed to make a point of going after the first lady. very popular, by the way. all of the public opinion polls, 65% approval in the most recent public opinion polls. finally, don, i taped an interview earlier today with condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state. we're going to air it in the situation room. you're going to be fascinated some of the stuff she's saying growing up in the segregated south, what it was like. couldn't go to an nfl football game in the early '60s. she explains why she became a
4:00 pm
fan of the cleveland browns of all teams, even though she lived in birming habirmingham, alabam. she recalls the bombings of the churches, the little girls. the folks will hear a different side of condoleezza rice we haven't seen. i think our viewers will be interested in seeing it in the situation room. >> i agree wholeheartedly and thought it on amazon because i saw a previous interview. yours will be much better than that. it makes me want to learn more about her, wolf. so it looks great. >> part of our history all of us need to remember, especially young people who didn't live there through it. >> i can't wait for that. wolf blitzer, see you soon. another political update in 30 minutes. you can get all of the latest political news at on twitter, it's@political ticker. we're going to hit you fast this hour. see if you can keep up. let's go. first up, new developments from
4:01 pm
falcon lake. mexican investigators are suspending the search for david hartley, at least for now. if you remember, tiffany hartley told police her husband was shot last month by gunmen who investigators believed to be linked to a mexican drug cartel. mexican investigators say they want more time to better assess their strategies. tiffany hartley's mom sintcynth young said we're very disappointed. the longer this goes, the less chance there is of finding david. they're expected to meet the fbi and mexican authorities in texas to review her statement. for some of the chilean miners, their long journey home ends today. >> did you have fear of dying down there? >> translator: we were all waiting for that. we were all very thin. i lost 12 kilos. i was afraid i was not going to meet the child that was on the way. it was the thing that most scared me. >> but the fear is gone now.
4:02 pm
doctors will release ten of the miners today from copiapo hospital more released depending on the final checkups. three of the miners are settling back in their lives after the release from the hospital yesterday, and doctors hope all 33 will be home on sunday. get this one -- her 11-year-old son hung himself after being bullied in school, and now his mother says his 12-year-old sister is being bullied too. masaqua bermudez had enough. she wrote a letter pleading for help in a campaign to end school bullying. she spoke with cnn ease kyra phillips earlier. >> a year has passed since his suicide and i haven't gotten any justice. mr. obama, i really don't know what to do. i've cried too much and i feel like a failure to my son. why do you feel like a failure? >> because i keep seeking
4:03 pm
justice and i mean these people don't want to help, don't want to accept responsibility and my son was getting bullied in school. they want to say no it wasn't going on. i'm trying my best to let these people know that it was bullying going on with him. they keep sweeping it under the rug. so i feel like i fail him, you know? i can't get no justice. a year has past and they deny it. they keep denying it. another story in pennsylvania. a verdict for two men on trial for beating a mexican immigrant to death in 2008. they were found guilty on all counts, including hate crimes. 18-year-old brandon bykarsky were previously acquitted on murder charges in a state court. they were tried on federal charges for beating and killing
4:04 pm
a legal immigrant, ruiz ramirez. both face up to life in prison. sentencing is set for january 24. bishop eddie long back in the news. his atlanta-based megachurch, that is, is at the heart of a new legal battle. a former employee has filed a civil lawsuit against his new birth missionary baptist church. the church mishandled a session wall harassment complaint and male employees retaliated against her. she said a male co-worker showed her a cell phone photo of male genitalia. the church says he didn't report the complaint in a timely fashion. long is named as a defendant in that case. he's facing four other unremitted lawsuits accusing him of coercing young male church members to sexual relationships. long denies those allegations. cvs pharmacy has agreed to pay nearly $78 million in fines.
4:05 pm
they're saying the pharmacy didn't do enough to keep cold medicine out of the hands of meth makers and allowed them to buy large amounts of pseu pseudoephedrine. a key ingredient in the production of methmethamphetami. the failure fueled the increase in the illegal drug trade in california. okay. remember this story? a female mexican tv sports reporter going back to work. but she won't be going to the locker rooms anymore. ynez sainz endured cat calls and wolf whistles in an interview with mark sanchez last month. she said the behavior made her feel uncomfortable and it triggered an investigation. she had criticism for wearing tight jeans and a form fitting shirt at the time. she said she'll stick to interviewing players on the
4:06 pm
sideline. the swiss have completed digging the world's longest rail tunnel. check out the size of this massive drilling machine as it breaks through the final section on the base of the swiss al ups. wow, look at that? the tunnel will be part of the high-speed rail service between northern and southeastern europe. it's 35 miles long, seven years before trains are running through it. the company behind the project says it will allow millions more, tons of products to pass through the alps. big project. a lot of you have been watching this. jesse ventura. never short of opinions. he's going to join me to talk politics. bill o'reilly, that's the one everybody's talking about. his show -- he's got a show called conspiracy theory. that's ahead. what's going on with this nor'easter. latest update, next. heck the wi, check the kids ♪ ♪ check your email messages
4:07 pm
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4:09 pm
oh, boy, nor'easter, brewing. bonnie schneider, give us an update. all right, john. the nor'easter isn't over yet. it's hammering new england with wind swept rain and howling winds. no only are we seeing rain with this system, believe it or not, it's october but we're getting snow in the mountains of new hampshire. snow in the elevations of upstate new york and vermont. killington reporting nine inches of snow on the system on the ground. good news for those of you who want an early ski system. the wind in effect with the nor'easter, gusts could get 50
4:10 pm
miles per hour or stronger. thousands of people are without power. some of the strongest power outages are in the main area. 6500 planes in the air on this busy friday. and don, let you know, we have lengthy delays, some up to two hours for the newark city area, newark, philadelphia, it's a mess. >> it's a mess. >> that's an understatement. i want to ask you guys. you said it before -- oh, that's so gay. right? vince vaughn's joke in a movie. he says it in a movie clip. it isn't funny to gay activists. it led to a fast edit and statement from the star. does hollywood go too far when it comes to gay jokes. straight ahead. now millions of families are affected by alzheimer's caring for spouses, grandparents diagnosed with the disease. when can we expect a cure or a significant treatment or breakthrough? we'll drill down after the break.
4:11 pm
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4:13 pm
my entire family. my mother took care of her for the last years of my life. my aunt did as well. i want to talk to you about something that came out in ti "time" magazine that i found interesting. it's a cover. give you some of the numbers here to put this in perspective. this is about alzheimer's. 5 million americans are stricken with alzheimer's. that's the day. the numbers are expected to climb to 13 million. more than 13 million alzheimer's victims. and ask for it today, a person age 65 has a one in ten chance
4:14 pm
of becoming an alzheimer's victim. alice parks has written "time" magazine. alice park is kind enough to join us now from new york. you doing okay? >> doing great, nice to see you. good to see you. >> what is this progress we're talking about. that's what everybody wants to know. >> i've been waiting for a long time to write this story. and researchers in the field are the first to tell you that there really hasn't been much good news lately. they have a vaccine and a few drugs that really failed to prove -- to be very effective in controlling the symptoms of alzheimer's, as you described. the memory loss, confusion, and dementia. but now for the first time, they're really starting to understand what might be causing the disease. they have some new jeans and have a better understanding of how intervening earlier in the course of the condition might
4:15 pm
make a difference. >> but that -- you talk about that, that's really years away. i mean, how long have they been looking for a cure for cancer and other diseases. for hiv and what have you. and alzheimer's. and the reason i say that is we spend tons of money, tons of money on cancer, way more money on cancer. way more money on diseases. let me just read this from your article. you spent $5.6 billion a year in cancer studies. $1 billion a year for heart disease, $500 million to study alzheimer's. $500 million when as opposed to that, chances are, i think more people will be likely to suffer alzheimer's. why this disparity? >> you're absolutely right. in the end, as the researcher noted, most of us will likely be affected by alzheimer's than by any of those other chronic conditions. but i think the feeling has been that this is a disease of old age and therefore it hasn't really received the attention
4:16 pm
and research dollars that it really deserves. but with the really growing appreciation of the number of cases that are coming our way very soon in coming decades, hopefully that will change. >> it is described in your piece as when someone comes down with alzheimer's, for me, it was like my grandmother died twice, right? you would lose -- as you say, it's the quote -- the essence of a person is gone long before their body leaves? >> and that's the real tragedy of this disease. it's that it is really the long good-bye. and the symptoms occur over a decade, even. and if a person is affected by alzheimer's, his and her entire family is affected by it. and so i think that's why researchers are hopeful that if they can intervene early, even before symptoms start in some cases, they might make a difference. the feeling is that at this point, when symptoms start, really the disease is become so embedded and so entrenched and there's too much damage in the
4:17 pm
brain to make much of a difference. but if they can intervene early and identify people who are on the road to alzheimer's, even before their memory loss begins, then perhaps we can turn the tide of this disease. >> listen, if you're experiencing this or you have or you're worried about it and you want to be informed about alzheimer's, i would suggest you pick up alice park's article in "time" magazine. alice, thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. you know, just days after police say he helped talk a suicidal man down from the ledge, rapper t.i. is in court defending himself on drug charges. so, does he face time behind bars. we're in the courtroom, cnn is, we report. that's ahead. does hollywood go too far when it comes to making gay jokes. wait until you see the clips -- next.
4:18 pm
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4:20 pm
the trailer for the upcoming movie insensitive. for a town that's viewed as politically enlightened, the film, "the dilemma" is certainly causing one. >> i got some serious lady wood here. >> this coming attraction is attracting major controversy. the trailer for the new vince vaughn comedy, "the dilemma," begins with these lines. >> electric cars are gay. not homosexual gay, but my parents are chaperoning the dance gay. >> as the country reckons with a rash of anti-gay bullying incidents, some with tragic results, the preview debuted at
4:21 pm
an especially sensitive time. >> this is a trailer that's attached to the number one movie in the country. it was seen by millions of people. >> alonzo of has written extensively about gay imagery in hollywood films. he finds the dilemma joke troubling because it comes out of the blue. >> but to come out of nowhere and just pop out of vince vaughn's mouth is sort of like -- it's kind of shocking, frankly. >> takes you offguard. >> no context. >> despite the reputation as a liberal bastion where many openly gay people are employed, plenty of movies contain what some believe are anti-gay messages. examples abound -- like this from the 40-year-old virgin. >> waxing your chest is like the gayest thing you could possibly do. >> "the hangover". >> do me a favor, don't text me. it's gay. "i now pronounce you chuck and larry". >> you may kiss the husband. >> they have to get all eww
4:22 pm
about it. it's just like -- okay, i know you meant well, but rewrite. >> and from "hot tub time machi machine" which came out in march. >> i have had lots of girlfriends, hot ones. >> you have had lots of boyfriends, gay ones. >> it sounds thuggish. >> glad the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation tracks media depictions in gay people. it notes improvement how gay issues are treated in dramas. >> don't see stereotype images nearly as much anymore. positive story lines here now. >> the problem is with a genre. >> we haven't seen progress in the comedy side, the humor side. comedy is in need of catching up. >> glad sees a direct link at movie humor at the expense of gay and anti-gay bullying in schools. >> the bullying comes from somewhere. social attitudes that are
4:23 pm
perpetuated by comedies that are telling jokes. >> the way that so many of us learned to perceive the world is what we see in the movies and on television. >> says hollywood plays a powerful role in shaping perceptions in what it means to be gay. >> that's where we learn lessons on what is acceptable and how to behave. we learn these things from the movies. >> not going to lie, i love your boyfriend. but don't ever let me go. >> in response to criticism over the dilemma, universal pictures agreed to recut the trailer, deleting the electric cars are gay line. cnn asked the studio if it plans to remove the scene from the film which is slated for release in january. universal declined to comment. brooke anderson, cnn, hollywood. it appears that actor vince vaughn -- it appears he's taken this seriously. he released a statement through the publicist and here's what it said. let me add my voice of support
4:24 pm
to the people outraged by the bullying and persecution of people for their differences, whatever those differences may be. comedy and joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together. drawing dividing lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that. it divides us. most importantly, where does it stop. that's from actor vince vaughn. the president of the gay and lesbian rights group called glad, gay and lesbian alliance against defamation issued this statement in response to what vaughn had to say. jokes can bring people together. but they can also push us apart. when gay is used as a pejorative, it frequently sends a message, particularly to youth and their bullies, that being gay is wrong and something to laugh at. we invite vince vaughn to work with us and help ensure that gay youth and those perceived to be gay are not put in harm's way by such jokes. this is the story we'll definitely be following here on krrk nn. stay tuned. okay, there he is. you recognized him. does he still have the ponytail.
4:25 pm
i don't think so. the always outspoken jesse ventura has been keeping his eye on politics, even though he's been out of office for years. we'll have his take on the tea party on bill o'reilly, and conspiracy theorys bichlt the way, it's the name of his new show, "conspiracy theories" going to the second season. then there's jess can yellen. he's not going to talk about her. but she's going to return with the top story crossing the political ticker next. fifty-eight different individuals are using,
4:26 pm
absolutely using my old social security number.
4:27 pm
just 18 days until election day. bill clinton is campaigning for rival and political enemy jerry
4:28 pm
brown. funny how that works, right? cnn has the political news and the best political team on television, jess can yellen is in los angeles. funny how that works, as i said. >> it's amazing, don. bill clinton is nonstop this election season, kris crossing the country. campaigning for democrats. he's about to speak an hour in santa ana for democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez. she should be in a safe district. they'll be in santa ana. because of the anti-incumbent feel this year, she's in a lot of trouble. and she made a little bit of a slipup. she said that the republicans and the vietnamese are trying to take her seat from her. well her opponent is vietnamese, there are many vietnamese voters in her district not going over so well. after bill clinton stumps for her there, he's moving on up a little north to california to westwood, los angeles proper where we'll be watching this closely. brown is running for governor here, but he and clinton have a history. they ran against each other for president.
4:29 pm
it was very bitter. the two are not exactly friends. so we'll all be watching the body language on that one. moving over to nevada across the country a little bit. i was moving over this morning, it feels like last night. we watched the debate there already. harry reid is up with two new ads. sharron angle is extreme. no doubt the woman who has $14 million behind her opponent. she'll be out with ads of her own. i've got to add, i've been getting nonstop tweets since you and i used the term "man up, harry reid". a woman could say that, a man would be eviscerated. because we don't live in an ideal world, do we? different standards because we have different experiences as men and women. women get a little more sexism than men maybe? >> it's a double standard. if that's equivalent to saying, let's just say grow a pair.
4:30 pm
you know what that means. it's just sort of questioning -- as you said, man up. how do you question someone's manhood, so -- you know, i hear people -- i hear someone in the background going, oh, my gosh, i can't believe he said that. >> well, it's an unusual debate tactic. she can't respond. what can she say? it looks too aggressive or defensive. it puts him in a weird position. it's a dangerous terrain, i think, for women to be sexist in their own ways. >> thank you, jessica. >> thank you very much. handling it much more elegantly than i did. appreciate it. another political update next hour. you can get the latest political news at and on twitter at political ticker. okay. this just in. this is breaking news. this has to do with t.i., the rapper, headed back to jail for 11 months. t.i. headed back to jail for 11
4:31 pm
months. cnn has had a crew in the courtroom today. and this is for a probation violation. he went to prison last year. he had some issue with guns and all of that. and then, just a couple of months ago, in l.a., he and his wife got in trouble. he said there was a substance in the car. the police said he was ecstasy. he was on probation. he ended up going to jail. of course, he was bailed out and now he's having to face this in court. and just on wednesday, remember we talked to him about this yesterday, hep helped police here in atlanta talk a man down who was threatening to jump off of a building here to kill himself. a lot of people thought it was a publicity stunt. t.i. came on yesterday to clear the air and say it wasn't. he said god just put it on his heart. and i asked him, i said, can you say never again, t.i.? he goes, absolutely. i have too many people depending on me, don. it's going to change. but he's going back to jail. t.i., back to jail for 11
4:32 pm
months. go to twitter where people are talking about this. here's from a blogger who's inside of the courtroom, all right? this is freddyo. he said t.i. admits to using the drugs, but said it all started after he had dental surgery and was in a lot of pain. t.i. admits to using the drugs but said it was all started after he had dental surgery and was in a lot of pain. again, that's what freddyo, a rapper blogger. he's in the courtroom today. ecstasy. hmm. that's what they -- >> he's the governor of minnesota and now jesse ventura is hosting a second season of conspiracy theory. it's an awesome show on trutv. standing by. never at a loss for words. jesse ventura next.
4:33 pm
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my next guest talked to joy behar after her blowup with bill o'reilly. he told joy what he thought about the cultural center and mosque planned near the former world trade senter site in new york. take a listen. >> let me say this about the mosque -- excuse me -- the constitution says they can do i it. you cannot suggest the constitution to a popularity poll. >> in case you don't recognize him, i'm sure everybody does. that's jesse ventura. and conspiracy theory.
4:36 pm
here it is right here. that's the name on the show, "conspiracy theory." here it is. so, governor, you called it a popularity poll. but it's true, most americans we polled don't want the center built. so should we ignore that? >> yes, we should. people need to remember the constitution and the bill of rights should be written in stone. you should not subject them to the popularity. they are there to suggest unpopular things, the first amendment. the first amendment is to protect unpopular speech simply because popular speech doesn't need to be protected. it's as simple as that. and you can't, you know, bend the constitution to the blowing winds of whatever polls might say otherwise it's a worthless, useless document which in many ways they're turning it to that anyway. >> what about people who say, you know, these are extraordinary circumstances, what happened on 9/11.
4:37 pm
so many people died there. we have to be respectful of the families who -- the victims who died there. we should be more respectful of that. the president said, i'm not going to comment on the wisdom of it. but they have the right, so -- >> but what's the problem? i mean -- timothy mcveigh, i assume, was achristian. he did an act of terrorism. would they then remove all christian churches from around oklahoma city because it happened to have been a christian that did it? it's ridiculous. the majority of muslim people are law abiding pacifist people who are not out to kill everybody. but every group of people has extremists. they're outlaws. they're criminals. and you can't lump everybody in to a specific religion. hey, i have enough trouble with religion anyway. i think religion in its own way is the root of all evil. you notice every war is fought
4:38 pm
over religion. >> that's a pretty subversive statement there, governor. >> i don't care, it's the truth. it isn't subversive. look at the facts. >> let's go to everybody in the studio is looking at me like, wow. talk about this. bill o'reilly, here's what he said. muslims killed us on 9/11. is that not true. do you find that not to be the facts? >> i investigate 9/11. i have a lot of questions about 9/11. the government and what they told us about 9/11 is strictly a theory also. what have they proven? i ask you this. we're a country by the rule of law. it's been nine years now since 9/11. why hasn't bin laden been indicted for what he did? you don't have to have him captured to indict him. that means the government comes forward with their ed, presents it to a jury of citizens like us. if there's enough evidence, they'd do an indictment for
4:39 pm
murder. why hasn't that been done. >> why hasn't the system been followed. >> we'll talk about conspiracy theories and your shows specifically. one more on the topic and we'll move on. this is shortly after joy had the big blowup. you were in the studio. what was she like. she was fired up about this. >> joy always gets a little fired up. she's got a great personality. she's much like me. you bring up a subject i'm passionate about, i get fired up too. i have an opinion and i'm not afraid to express it. i hope the first amendment still exists in this country. >> all right. governor, stay with us. stay right there. we're going to sneak a break in here and we're going to continue the conversation. when we come back, i want to ask the governor about a story that broke two weeks ago. the revelation that the government deliberately infected people with syphilis. talk about conspiracy theorys. but, first, car washes are a $1 billion a year industry that consumes vast amounts of water.
4:40 pm
how much of that water can be saved? we take a look at the solution that is satisfying owners, customers, and environmentalists. this car wash is trying to seat n set a new standard in clean by making cars and a business shine with a simple method -- rinse, recycle, reuse. >> we have a state of the art reclaim system and we recover 95% of our wash water. that combined with the better chemistry and the car wash chemicals allows us to really take the environment in the hand when we wash cars. >> the international car wash association says most people use more water when washing their car at home. and a lot of that dirty water will run the street drains which is harmful to the environment. the walter at canton car wash, however, is collected in a trough underneath the wash and then put through a filtering system. it comes out almost clean enough to drink. >> now we're going to the final rinse.
4:41 pm
this is fresh water that's being applied along with our waxes. >> the water isn't the only thing being put through the wringer, most of the dirty work is done with specially treated towels that are kept and cleaned in a washing machine so they're ready to use again and again and again. it's a fresh idea picking up steam with customers. >> car wash is great because it's environmentally friendly and i'm big into that. >> the cost is there and it's inherent to our generation, i think, where we want to be good for the environment. we've grown up in that. >> cnn.
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4:45 pm
welcome back, everyone. with me, jesse ventura. s he's the host of "conspiracy theory" with jesse ventura. let me play a clip from your show real quick. >> the coast guard is hot on the tail of jesse ventura as he attempts to reach plum island. word is out that he's accompanied by jim mccoy, a plum island worker who was fired after he blew the whistle on dangerous safety violations. >> yeah, this coast guard most definitely found us. >> what do you think we're going to do. >> we've got the coast guard behind us. these guys -- what the hell. i used to be a governor. what do they think i am, a [ bleep ]. terrorist? >> so, governor, here's the question. i don't want to give it away because it premieres tonight. you'll have to tell me the time. did you make it to plum island or did the coast guard stop you
4:46 pm
if you want to answer that? >> well first of all, we weren't running from the coast guard and they weren't attempting to follow us and we didn't want to go on shore in plum island. are you kidding me? what i learned about plum island, i wouldn't want to set a foot on that place. but, no, they just had us under surveillance and kept us under surveillance the whole time. that's all it feels. certainly they could have caught us. any coast guard boat could certainly catch a fishing boat. that's what they're out there for. we're under surveillance by them. i had no intention of going on to the island. we were viewing it from the ocean from the whistleblower i had with me. >> i said before the break i was going to ask this -- two weeks ago before the federal government admitted for the '40s, they infected guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases. does that make the case that conspiracy theories are more than just urban myths? >> absolutely. let me quote albert einstein if
4:47 pm
i may. he said a foolish faith in authority is the enemy of the truth. and that's what we have in this country -- a foolish faith in authority. now, here they did what they did down there. they've done tons of things like that. what got me so angry is when i was teaching in harvard in 2004, mcnamara came through and admitted the gulf of tonkin incident never happened. another false flag operation to get us in to war where 58,000 of us died in vietnam and probably a million and a half vietnamese, who knows. but it was all based upon something they made up. what about the black people who they used to infect with syphilis and things like that. people better wake up to the fact that government can be evil. if you don't believe me, go talk to the germans about it. >> government is involved in most of these conspiracies.
4:48 pm
and quickly, i want to ask you something after this. one company's name cops up a lot. >> when i'm getting involved in these things and the conspiracy starts to build, the name that surfaces all the time -- well, not all the time, but probably 60% or 70% of the time is halliburton. halliburton is somehow there. like take -- take the oil spill down in new orleans. the biggest company in america that cleaned up oil spills was called boots and koots out of houston, texas. three weeks before the oil spill happened, they were bought out by halliburton. is that circumstantial or what? >> i want to say we did contact halliburton today. they're not here to defend themselves. i'm going to ask you if you believe this stuff for "it's a living." i believe you know the answer to that. i don't want you to hit me. you believe this. it's not just money for your show. correct? >> i don't do this show for money, are you kidding me? i could go down to retire and go down to mexico and live the rest
4:49 pm
of my life fine. >> i figured that was going to be your answer. >> i do it another reason too, my son works on the show also. >> real quick, i want to go to twitter. tell jesse v i love him, l.o.l., subversive and conspiratorial as hell, but he's correct about religious freedom. that's what people are saying about you. thank you, governor, best of luck to you. >> thanks, don. always a pleasure. and we look forward to doing it again. thank you, sir. listen to this, a man in a wheelchair boards a u.s. airways flight. but he alleges the airline ordered him off saying he was too disabled to fly alone. that's ahead. and wolf blitzer is next with a big preview of this interview with condoleezza rice, former secretary of state. stay right there. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. the former secretary of state was in dc to talk today. before she did that, she talked to wolf blitzer in "the situation room."
4:52 pm
wolf joins me now. let me play a little bit before we talk about this. i want to play this interview. the four little girls in the church bombing in birmingham. take a listen. my parents and i had just arrived at our own church. it was fairly early in the morning. but my mother was the musician for the church. we were there getting things ready. suddenly it was a loud thud, almost like a roaring. in those days in birmingham, which, as i said, had become bombingham, you knew that a bomb had gone off some place. and we thought perhaps it was in my neighborhood. people were called to say a bomb had gone off and they had been killed and it wasn't long after that, we learned their names. everyone knew one of the little girls or more. birmingham was a small community. one of the names was denise mcnair, a little girl with whom i had played and gone to kindergart kindergarten. a picture in the book of my
4:53 pm
father handing denise her kindergarten certificate when she was 6 or 7. it was a sad and terrifying day in birmingham. >> very moving. i lived in birmingham. and that church, it's a big place to go. a lot of people go there. there's a museum. an african-american museum. what else did you guys talk about? >> it's really moving. because you look through the area. you obviously remember what it was like. for a little girl, bright going up in birmingham where the educators and the minister and they tried to protect her, they tried to shield her. it wasn't easy. just driving the relatives leaving birmingham and driving around. there were the bathrooms that a colored said white and her parents didn't want her to go to colored bathrooms. so it was an uncomfortable ride until they got to their uncles
4:54 pm
and aunts. they go through some of the material that people who live through the era will remember. it's important that young people appreciate it. wasn't all that long ago what was going on in the united states. >> wolf blitzer, see you at the top of the hour. thank you, sir. we appreciate it. we have breaking news to tell you about here on cnn. it involves a rapper t.i.t.j. holmes came out of the court. here's what he tweeted. he said just out of the federal courthouse, judges sending t.i. back to prison for 11 months. t.i.'s wife left court crying before judge finished. listen, make sure you watch t.j. on saturday morning. he'll be reporting on this. t.j. in the courtroom, of course, he's interviewed t.i. before. and knows him very well. and so he will be talking about that. we have much, much more ahead here on cnn, including more on t.i. and your feedback from twitter and the social networking sites. stick around. i used to see the puddles,
4:55 pm
but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪ ♪ most of all, most of all... ♪
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4:57 pm
. >> trending. sandy indo is following here. the number one trending, the grammy award winning rapper, t.i. break the rules, pay the price. >> just broke the news that rapper t.i. is going back behind bars for 11 months. two days after atlanta police praised him for helping to talk a man off of a ledge. he faced a federal judge today begging for leniency. saying he should go to drug rehab instead of prison. it was a probation hearing stemming from t.i.'s 2008 conviction on federal weapons charges. he was caught in a sting trying to buy unregistered guns. the rapper was sentenced to a year in prison back then. he ended up serving seven months. three months in a halfway house. while out on probation last month, t.i. and his wife were arrested in los angeles on drug charges. police say they found methamphetamines in his car and smelled pot. so, don, i know you talked to
4:58 pm
him in an exclusive cnn interview yesterday. let's listen to what he had to say before facing court today. okay. listen, that was yesterday. i want to advance a little bit. do some tweets. hey, let me read that. let's go to the twitter board here. someone is tweeting saying, you know, don lemon, what a bad role model. shame on him. that's what they're saying about t.i. on twitter right now. sad to hear this. i wish t.i. the best. the best -- one more. do we have another. that's it. listen, again, t.i. is going to have to go back to prison for 11 months here. as i said, sandy, talk about the interview yesterday, said-n't going to do it again. let's hope he isn't going to do it again. >> shame on me so let's -- if he wants people to support him, he will live up to what he said on the air yesterday. okay, also trending today. >> another interesting story, don. >> in a wheelchair. >> let me know if you think the
4:59 pm
airline policy is too discriminant of people with disabilities. this is what happened. a grand rapids michigan motivational speaker, he's a flier, crisscrosses the country. he boarded a u.s. airways flight west palm beach going to kansas city last month. here's the twist -- hep uses a wheelchair. he had cerebral pal see. he never had a problem traveling before. he flies by himself because it's cheaper. after he boarded the plane, a u.s. airways employee said he's too disabled to fly alone and escorted him off of the plane. he said this is an indication of infringement of his civil rights. >> let's sten. >> i thought something was up with my family. i let him take me off of the plane. this is a flat out issue of civil rights. >> now the airline has responded and they're defending their decision to remove him from the plane and in ata


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